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Great American Politics is a news-driven opinion site that delivers commentary, informed by a right-leaning worldview, to like-minded Americans.

Daily you’ll find views on the news from conservative/libertarian, free market, pro-faith, and pro-family perspectives. Our independent writers thoughtfully select MSM-reported news stories, craft commentary, select open source or purchased stock images, and publish to the public at no charge through this website, through an opt-in one-click-to-unsubscribe email service, and through social media pages and groups.

As Americans (and indeed, readers around the world) continue to lose trust in traditional mainstream newspapers and broadcast networks whose claims of objectivity and impartiality are continuing to prove false, Great American Politics fills the gap as a source of informed opinion for those who also seek a conservative perspective. Great American Politics is staffed by an experienced team of writers and editors who quote truthful current events as reported by mainstream media outlets with conservative views interjected.

Great American Politics continues to break new records in engagement and trust as we remain committed to our core principles: Seek Truth, Question Tyranny, Encourage Open Dialogue. Through accurate, insightful reporting of information and events happening around the world and providing accompanying conservative commentary, Great American Politics provides an alternative to the MSM in a rapidly shifting media landscape.

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