Schaftlein Report: 75% of ALL Voters support Voter ID and a “Fair and Secure Election”

1) 200 corporations that called out Georgia have ID requirements to WORK
2) Ga. Gov. Kemp – MLB pulled game from half Black Atlanta to mostly white Denver
• Tom Cotton slams the move – Both states have very similar voter ID laws
• GA Law allows Mail in Ballots Without Photo ID, In person voting did not change and 17 days of early voting allowed
3) 75% of ALL voters support Voter ID – 85% of Republicans, 65% of Democrats, 73% of African Americans want Voter ID for “Fair and Secure election”
4) Michigan leads the nation in Covid cases despite the insane Lock down requirements.
5) Moderna vaccine lasts 6 months minimum
6) CA to reopen by 6-15
7) Putin to stay in power through 2036. Russia massing troops at Ukraine border
8) 170K Migrants in custody in March
9) 60 Minutes in hiding over DISGRACED hit job lie on Gov. DeSantis
10) Senate Parliamentarian – “Can use reconciliation for next spending bill’
11) Media never mentions the Colorado shooter was radical Jihadist killer.

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