WATCH: Dana Loesch Makes Ill. Dem. Dick Durbin Look Like Fool on Basic Gun Facts

Talk show host Dana Loesch made Illinois’ Democrat Senator Dick Durbin look like a fool on basic gun facts that he likely knows but lies about every time he opens his festering gob.

Durbin, who is one of the worst senators in D.C. lied about guns claiming that there are various “background check loopholes” that allows bad actors to easily get guns whenever they want them.

However, as Dana Loesch so ably pointed out, Sen. Durbin lied out his worthless rear end.

“There’s no such thing as an ‘internet loophole.’ Let me correct any, any, any misinformation that is being promoted by an actual sitting lawmaker that should know this law because he’s been there longer than I think I’ve been alive, in this position,” Loesch said.

“It’s not like Amazon,” Loesch continued. “You don’t go on the internet and say, ‘Hmm. I want a gun, I’m going to purchase the gun on the internet’ and just like that one guy who was delivering heroine with a drone, there’s no drone, there’s no gun fairy that’s going to come and drop your firearm on your front porch for you ala Amazon. That’s not how it works.”

She noted that buying a gun online does not cancel the federal background check rules.

“The federal law 18 U.S. Code § 922 is still applicable in that you just be a law-abiding resident and buying from another law-abiding resident, where this is your state of residence, in order to bypass any kind of [Federal Firearms Licensee],” Loesch explained. “And you can’t go and do an internet delivery. It doesn’t matter if you order it on the internet. It doesn’t matter if you order it on the phone. It doesn’t matter if you order it through a catalog. If you order something through the mail and, in particular, if it comes from another state, it abso-damn-lutely has to go through an FFL, unless you want to break the law and pay a six-figure fine – five to six-figure fine – and spend some time in jail, yeah, that’s how it has to go.”

Durbin is a flat out liar.

Always has been.

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