Schaftlein Report: Trump Acquitted, Will Andrew Cuomo Achieve the Same Result?

Guest: Laura McCullough – ONE Ministry Pastor
1) Control of the GOP post Impeachment? Trump or others?
2) Democrats new Trumps strategy “Loathing of Trump”, criminal prosecution?
3) Andrew Cuomo debacle. Brother Chris is silent on CNN. If it had been a Republican like DeSantis, massive coverage!!
4) More Biden Blunders – Ice Agents restricted. 25K migrants released in CA and TX
5) Dems move to bring back Earmark$
6) Dems promote Anti Semite llhan Omar
7) Defund the police backfires in Minneapolis. Budget increases $6.4M
8) CA Gov. Newsome headed for 2.0M signatures in recall effort
9) Biden to Congress – Ban Assault weapons and add gun restrictions
10) Calls grow for a commission to Investigate Capital Riot

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