Schaftlein Report: Economist Jerry Bowyer and Mark Schaftlein discuss The United States Economy and Stimulus

Guest: Jerry Bowyer – Economist, Journalist, Author of multiple books including The Maker Versus the Takers, Founder of the Allegheny Institute
1) $1.9T Covid Bill risks Economist (Oliver Blanchard andformer Treasury Secretary Larry Summers express concern over the size)
– $15 Minimum wage bill could cost 1.4M jobs and increase deficit by $54B
– Democrats aim to demonize Republicans who vote against the bill – currently all 50.
– Dow, S & P and Nasdaq close at record highs – Is the prospect of $1.9T fueling a front running valuation bubble?
2) Trump Impeachment Trial starting tomorrow. Odds of conviction are very low.
– Democrats trying to label all Republicans as supporting Incitement, censorship and cancel culture
3) Former Secretary of State George Shultz under Ronald Reagan passed at age 100

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