Schaftlein Report: Biden’s First 25 Days Advancing the Liberal Agenda

Guest: John A. Eidsmoe – Colonel Mississippi National Guard & Constitutional Lawyer
1) Cuomo Nursing Home Controversary – 55% Disapprove in NY – Dems Upset
2) Biden’s first 25 days Disaster for the Country
A) Overturn Trump Immigration Policies
B) Keystone Pipeline Jb Killer
C) Siding with Teachers Union keeping them away from schools
D) Undo Trump’s success in Middle East
E) Pushing $1.9T Covid Plan with no GOP support
F) Pushing $15 Minimum Wage
3) Gov. Ron DeSantis success in Florida
4) Biden plans to announce Immigration Reform Bill Soon. Path for 11M?
5) John Eidsmoe discusses HR-1 Election Bill
6) In Politics: Nevada Dems to end Cuacuses – That is a good move
7) David Purdue explores run against Warnock in 2022
8) Lincoln Project scandal maybe the end of the Project as scandals mount – The MSNBC guest list will dwindle
9) NAACP and a Democratic Congressman are suing Trump over the Capital Riot in DC Civil court

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