Schaftlein Report: Beware of Democrats Spending Your Money!

1) $1.9T Bill moving through Congress – Lots of pork 591 pages
2) Democrat’s plan to salvage $15 Per hour minimum wage even though some Democrats are against it.
3) OMB Director nominee Neera Tanden is in trouble and other Biden nominees are not faring much better
4) Treasury Secretary Yellen favors higher corporate tax rate, say the administration should look at raising the Capital Gains Rate
5) Inflation expectations building in copper, oil and energy stocks. Investors starting to price in higher inflation for stocks
6) Ray Dalio sees 5% of top U.S. stocks in bubble the 77th percentile
7) NY Democrats seek Censure of Gov. Andrew Cuomo in Nursing Home scandal
8) In the world of the Absurd “Portland Riots may not be Domestic Terrorism due to the Courthouse being closed” – Merrick Garland Attorney General Nominee
9) In Trump Politics – 46% of Republican voters would join The Trump Party – This is insanely stupid
– Trump loses legal challenge related to his tax returns as Supreme Court will not intervene in NY case
– Anti-Trump Republicans and Never-Trumpers now have no place to go

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