Schaftlein Report: American Education and the Opioid Epidemic with Filmmaker Joaquin Fernandez

Guest: Joaquin Fernandez – Award-winning Documentary Filmmaker of “IndoctriNation: Public Schools and the Decline of Christianity in America” and “Hero in America” (post-production)
1) Fernandez’ next film Hero in America, his previous work “IndoctriNation” and other productions
2) Cancel Culture – Amazon cancels an author over disagreement with the author’s Transgender views, University of Washington students want to cancel George Washington

**Hero in America,, is about a doctor who developed a successful treatment model for opioid addiction only to be shut down by corrupt political and financial powers; the film is also a look at the (opioid) epidemic eclipsed by the (Covid) pandemic, and how it has grown worse because of the lockdowns, the isolation, etc.

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