Schaftlein Report: Washington goes on a $2.4T spending spree/Trump continues election litigation

Guest: Phillip Martin – Data Analyst & Compliance Officer
1) Corona Virus Relief Package $900B
2) $2.4 trillion Spending Bill
3) “No Special Counsel for Election Fraud or Hunter Biden” – William Barr
4) 46% say the election was fraudulent. Trump pushes Pennsylvania Supreme Court decision to U.S. Supreme Court, Promises “Wild” protest in D.C. on 01/06/21
Senator Tuberville may back election challenge
5) Trump to hold campaign rally on 01/04/21 in Georgia. Two poll workers who criticized the process were fired – Secretary of State not hapy
Supreme Pac money + $56M from Republicans. Dems focus on ground game. Asians voting Democratic – Why?
6) No Bernie Sanders supporters in Cabinet yet

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