Schaftlein Report: Electoral College Vote: Trump fights on!

Guest: Laura McCullough – ONE Ministry pastor
1) Electoral College Votes Today. WSJ urges Trump to concede. Trump presses on with legal challenges.
2) “Alternative electors?”
3) Georgia election – No prosecution for Double Voting about 1,000 voters
4) Georgia – Senate Run-offs 1.2M Mail in ballots, 200K voted already. More problems for Raphael Warnock
5) 10,000 newly registered voters?
6) Covid Relief Package making progress – Sanders pushes $1,200 payment.
7) College Debt forgiveness is a fraud on working class people.
8) Culture Wokeness – Cleveland Indians vote to change the nickname.
9) Crazy losers in Portland at “Red House”. Elected officials are losers
10) Special Counsel Durham expanding team in review of Trump Russia origins
11) Trump 2024? Questionable?

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