Will Facebook Become the Realm of Mordor Controlled by Sauron?

So, during the 2020 Presidential election will Facebook become the realm of Mordor controlled by Sauron?

One executive at Facebook, Andrew Bosworth, warns his employees that that is a possibility if they do not constrain themselves and act fairly. This is after he goes on to credit the Facebook platform for being a key to Donald Trump’s election in 2016. Most people understand that Facebook is managed, controlled, and rum by those that lean strongly to the political left. How does Mr. Anderson then credit Facebook for being a Trump positive in 2016? He claims that it was because Facebook was so fair and the Trump campaign ran a very smart digital campaign.

What is even more concerning is that he is warning his employees not to use their formidable powers to swing the 2020 Presidential election against Donald Trump. What?


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The memo sheds new light on years of Facebook scandals

In a memo obtained by The New York Times and publicly posted, a Facebook executive says the company’s platform was responsible for electing Donald Trump president in 2016, but he warned employees against using the company’s power to stop Trump’s reelection in 2020.

In the memo, Andrew Bosworth, one of the most prominent voices at the company, shared some “thoughts for 2020” with employees. Bosworth’s memo runs through years of the social network’s high-profile scandals, from Russian election interference to Cambridge Analytica. While he claims some of the “details” that were publicly reported have been wrong — he questions, for example, how much Russian interference affected voters’ opinions and calls the Cambridge Analytica scandal a “non-event” — he admits that “there is almost always some critical issue” underlying the reporting that he believes is fair.

The memo points to the 2016 presidential election as a turning point in the public perception of Facebook and admits that Facebook was responsible for Trump’s shocking upset. Bosworth says he is “no fan of Trump,” but he credits the Trump campaign’s digital strategy with the victory. (MORE)

Did not Facebook claim that they did not have that power, much less use it? Oh! What about the Russians? Did they usurp Facebook on behalf of Donald Trump?

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