Twitter Erupts After Tightly Contested NC09 Special Election Race Called for Republican Dan Bishop

It didn’t take long after the GOP win in North Carolina’s District 9’s special election, in a very tight race, for the liberals to come out in droves to vocalize their displeasure.

The Twitter feed lit up with the echoes of gerrymandering and redistricting from the GOP. The unsatisfied and typical behavior of the left was on full display for the entire world to see.

The race for NC09 was called around 9:54pm ET for the GOP Candidate, Dan Bishop.


Chants from McCready supporters as shown in this tweet focuses on “new maps” and redistricting.

It went on and on … and on….


Then came the fun. Throwing salt on the wounds that were currently still being licked by the Democrats.

After all was said and done it seemed like a pretty normal special election night. Typical antics from both parties in a very tightly contested race for Congress.

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