Vegan Parents Whose Toddler Was Malnourished Won’t Go To Jail

Vegan Parents Whose Toddler Was Malnourished Won’t Go To Jail

An Australian couple who put their toddler daughter on a very strict vegan diet that left her severely malnourished and with rickets have avoided serving any jail time.

This toddler’s story illustrates how dangerous a restrictive diet can be for a developing child.

Another judge who’s clueless…

If you want to starve yourselves, I don’t care, but doing it to your children is abuse.


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An Australian couple who fed their toddler a strict vegan diet that resulted in the child becoming so malnourished that she had no teeth will avoid jail time after a judge ruled that imprisoning them would deprive their children of an “important bond.”

The Sydney Morning Herald reported that New South Wales District Court Judge Sarah Huggett sentenced the couple to 18 months of “intensive corrections orders” rather than send them to jail. The Daily Wire previously reported that the child had not been vaccinated or even taken to a doctor since her birth and suffered from rickets.

“The reckless failure of these offenders to provide their daughter with the necessities of life in fact caused serious harm,” Huggett said during sentencing, according to the Herald.

The couple was arrested in April 2018 and earlier pleaded guilty to failing to provide for their child. The father is 35 years old and the mother is 33. Australian press can’t name them for legal reasons. More

There has to be a penalty for abusing or neglecting your child. The important thing is not the parents’ intentions but the result.

Anybody with a baby who isn’t gaining weight takes him or her to a doctor to find out what’s wrong.

In Australia, everyone has access to medical care, so they can’t use that as an excuse. The child could have died and may have irreversible damage. The parents should do some time.

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