Palestinian Terrorists Kill An Israeli Teen… Guess Who Rashida Tlaib Blames

Israeli Minister Skewers Tlaib: ‘Her Hate For Israel Overcomes Her Love For Her Grandmother’
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Palestinian terrorists kill an Israeli teen, and Rashida Tlaib places the blame the jews.

This is completely disgusting. And the Democrat’s accuse us on the right of being filled with hate. This hypocrite must absolutely be voted out.


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You may have heard the recent news of a 17 year old Israeli girl being killed by a bomb that was planted by Palestinian terrorists. Her father and brother were also seriously wounded in the attack. This all occurred while they simply out enjoying a family swim. Worse, the bomb had apparently been planted months ago and the terrorists were waiting on the “right” victim to denote it on. That turned out to be a teenage girl because these are the kinds of monsters the Israelis have to deal with on a daily basis.

You’d think the anti-Semites in our Congress could at least just remain quiet after such a tragedy given they constantly spread Palestinian propaganda and champion their “cause.” But nope. Because there have never been any consequences, they are more emboldened than ever. That led to this disgusting, dumpster fire of a response from Rep. Rashida Tlaib.

The first thing to note is that she’s retweeting a rabidly anti-Semitic organization that continually blames Israel for all the world’s ills while never standing against Palestinian terrorism. That would be bad enough, but Tlaib goes further. She gives her own awful commentary blaming the “occupation” and the idea that if only Israel gave into the Palestinians, they’d all live in peace and harmony. You see, it’s not the fault of the Palestinian terrorists who killed this girl. It’s Israel’s fault for somehow provoking them by not letting their country be overrun with an Islamism that wants to destroy it. More

Rashida Tlaib knows ‘Palestinians’ have refused a two-state solution since 1949, instead, they demand the destruction of Israel and of Jews.

The Palestinian leadership now says they flood will Jerusalem with millions of fighters, and will pay each and every martyr that results from the attack.

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