MSNBC Panel Suggests President Trump’s Removal Due To Alzheimer’s

MSNBC Panel Suggests President Trump's Removal Due To Alzheimer’s

MSNBC panel speculates whether President Trump should be removed from office because he has “Alzheimer’s'”

“You know, there’s pervasive reporting in this regard and if it was grandpa, you would probably take him to see a neurologist or someone who specializes in geriatric medicine. That hasn’t happened here that we know of. The remedy is the 25th Amendment and that requires an intact cabinet, which Trump does not have. Whether by design or by accident, most of the cabinet is acting. We don’t know what the mix would look like in a vote, and there’s no will to take that on, in any event.”

Meanwhile, they ignore Joe Biden’s many “gaffes” and Pelosi is an example of clear thinking to these people.


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Alzheimer’s? Yes! That’s just the ticket. Since the Mueller Report definitely showed that there was no Trump-Russia collusion, impeachment is no longer an option. So what to do? Why, pretend that President Donald Trump is in the early stages of Alzheimer’s and suggest his removal via the 25th Amendment.

That was the wild idea of Nicolle Wallace and her MSNBC panel, including Al Sharpton, on her Deadline: White House show on Friday. The funniest thing about this fantasy is they think the big roadblock to it happening is that his cabinet is not intact.

Watch as Wallace takes on the pretense of being concerned about Trump’s actions due to Alzheimer’s. More

Not one of these morons has any sort of medical degree, yet they are discussing the president’s mental state as though their projections and hallucinations are real and have merit.

President Trump scored a 30 out of 30 on his Montreal Cognitive Assessment… Now let’s put that same evaluation to every member of Congress and all the Democrat candidates.

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