Leftists Call For Boycott Of Olive Garden

Leftists Call For Boycott Of Olive Garden
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Olive Garden denies it’s funding Trump’s 2020 reelection after boycott tweet goes viral.

This explains why some are so easily manipulated into believing the Russia lies, they believe anything crazy people say social media without double-checking first.

Why do liberals want to harm everyone who disagrees with them?

Fox News:

A viral tweet about Olive Garden funding President Trump’s 2020 reelection bid is wrong, the company says.

Over the weekend, a tweet, which has since been deleted, called for a boycott of the restaurant chain, alleging it was “funding Trump’s reelection in 2020” went viral, prompting thousands of users on the platform to claim they were done with Olive Garden.

After the tweet grew in popularity, Olive Garden responded, denying the claim it was supporting Trump’s reelection bid – and stating it was unsure of why the news was spreading. More

Olive Garden should support President Trump because its the Trump economy allows people who would eat their fake Italian food served there to afford to come to give Olive Garden their hard-earned money.

I’d much rather prepare my own. I’m good at it, it tastes much better, it’s cheaper, and I don’t have to worry about some Social Justice Warrior spitting in it either.

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