Want More Proof Modern Generations Are Snowflakes? How About Grief Counselors For ‘Game Of Thrones’ Series Finale?

If the mounds of news stories involving weeping college student protesters desperately running to safe spaces where they watch kitten videos and use coloring books wasn’t enough to convince you that modern generations of individuals entering the world around are snowflakes, then perhaps this next little tidbit will.

Apparently there are now grief counselors available to chat with people who are struggling with the end of the “Game of Thrones” television series. Heaven help us.

That’s right, for those saying goodbye after eight seasons, countless character deaths, and a final season that has caused Twitter wars worthy of the show itself, the pain of letting go can become overwhelming, apparently.

And that’s why Bark.com has counselors standing by. They’ve launched “a specialised Game of Thrones counselling service” that will “help bereft fans seek support and get the help they need through this tough time.”

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Here’s more on the service.

Fans can speak to qualified counsellors (who are familiar with the series) to discuss plot twists and storylines. The professionals will help them digest their feelings and interpretation of the show, which could range from anger and confusion to sadness and grief.

Bark is a UK-based website, but offers services to anyone. It’s a web-based service provider matching service, connecting a potential customer to a potential expert, service, company or, yes, professional counseling.

Their Game of Thrones counseLlors are available by Skype call for a per 30-minute session fee.

It’s beyond ridiculous that such a service actually exists here in the real world. We are now so emotionally stunted in our maturity that we can’t handle a television series coming to an end?

Have people really become so desperate for purpose, meaning, and identity that they’ve built their whole lives around a show? That’s tragic on so many levels.

We should be building our lives on the Word of God, seeking to have a right relationship with Him by faith in Christ, where we will have complete security in our identity and will not have to worry about being losing our sense of self or something as trivial as a television program.

Source: TheBlaze

Michael Stanley is a professional writer with 10 years of experience who has previously written for Young Conservatives, Allen West, and many others.
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