Marine Vet Running For Congress Promises To Fight Socialism. Now Democrats Are Accusing Him Of ‘Threatening Violence.’ Here’s What He Said.

A former Marine and fourth generation member of the U.S. military recently created a political ad for his congressional campaign that is intentionally being misrepresented by Democrats and folks in the mainstream media as threatening violence.

What did he say? He basically promises in the advertisement that if he’s elected he’s going to fight against socialism. Now, we all know exactly what is meant by this. He means he’s going to stand against policies that promote a socialistic worldview. Duh.

In his ad, Republican Harrison Floyd promises to fight socialists in Congress just like he fought terrorists overseas. The ad shows the socialists in Congress, and it also shows him fighting overseas. That’s how videos usually work, with both pictures and words.

But bad faith Democrats and mainstream media hacks are pretending that they haven’t spoken English all their lives, and don’t understand metaphor, terms of art, narratives, or campaign ads. And therefore, the white opposition candidate Carolyn Bourdeaux is capitalizing on the moment to try to find some kind of advantage over the young, black, war veteran from a family with a history of service to this country.

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Naturally, the media is playing dutifully along. Check out the video below.

And now for how Democrats have been reacting to the ad. Be prepared to be filled with frustration.

Take, for example, the reaction of his white Democrat opponent Bourdeaux. She tweeted: “Violence has absolutely no place in our public discourse & I denounce this abhorrent video in the strongest possible term. This message doesn’t represent GA values & for Harrison Floyd to enter this race by inciting violence is wrong.”

Do you know what she didn’t say? She didn’t say “call the Secret Service, this man threatened to shoot a sitting member of Congress to death.” Do you know why she didn’t say that? Because it is absolutely idiotically insane and literally no one thinks that. It is preposterously, impressively stupid. Law enforcement would laugh in her face.

Notice how it says “appears to threaten.” What, exactly did Floyd threaten to do, other than oppose a violent, deadly, oppressive ideology?

The author, Shant Shahrigian, goes on in the piece to say this:

Shahrigian uses another propaganda trick. Here’s his opening paragraph.

A congressional candidate in Georgia is targeting Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Sen. Bernie Sanders all but literally.
The middle is just a bland description. Here is the a quote from the video, here is a quote from the Democrat, here is a description of the political contest, yadda yadda yadda. Then his closer:

Floyd’s video came in a heated political season that has seen death threats to politicians including Ocasio-Cortez’s ally Rep. Ilhan Omar.

See that? The suggestion of impropriety without the explicit explanation for how this is what was implied. “All but literally” he says. And then he brings up death threats, just to associate this with death threats, something neither he nor Carolyn Bordeaux will state directly. They want you to connect the dots, and they drew the dots really close together for you. All but literally.

The reason so many of these nincompoops are angry is because this man is daring to take a stand against socialism. He also happens to be a black man running for Congress who isn’t locked into the Democratic Party. That’s a double offense, exposing the true heart of racism held within the bosom of the Democrats.

Smearing a veteran is nothing out of the ordinary for the left. They don’t care who they insult and belittle when it comes to their defense of socialistic ideology. They truly don’t mind burning down the world in order to get the vision they have for America turned into a reality.

We need more men like Floyd in Congress, in the military, and in our culture. Stand strong and thank you for your service, sir.

Source: TheBlaze

Michael Stanley is a professional writer with 10 years of experience who has previously written for Young Conservatives, Allen West, and many others.
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