Author Asks Pro-Lifers What They’ve Done To Help Single Mothers. The Replies She Gets Are Awesome.

An author who is critical of Alabama’s “heartbeat bill” asked a question of pro-lifers she likely didn’t expect to receive answers to, but the responses not only came flooding in, but where extremely positive and prove how generous the pro-life community really is.

The question? What have pro-lifers done personally to help low income single mothers.

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Her question followed a previous tweet criticizing Alabama’s new “heartbeat bill.”

Tuttle-Singer didn’t have to wait long for responses to her question to pro-lifers. The answers came flooding in. Some excerpts from responses below:

I’ve spent the last 15 years serving breakfast once a month at a homeless shelter and making lunches for the same shelter once a month on a separate weekend…

I’m the president of the board of directors for our local domestic violence shelter…

Donated to crisis pregnancy centers. Volunteered with the Sisters of Life (highly recommend: you can be helpful just by holding a baby while mama gets food at the potluck, for instance) Offered to meet with anyone in a crisis pregnancy to talk about arranging to adopt their baby.

Applying for an open adoption, to take care of a child whose mother doesn’t think she can raise the baby, and to keep mother and child in each other’s lives. And I’d also add: donating to @prisonculture’s Black Mama Bail Out to pay the bails of black mothers and send them home to be with their children.

The Mennonite community in our small town runs a huge foster care program, funded by their thrift store, in association with the prisons (our county has something like 14 prisons). They foster kids where they can be near their mothers and visit them with the aim of reunification.

We adopted our two boys, after we already had two girls.

Yeah, we are foster parents, and adopted our youngest, to add to the three we already had. Seems the left doesn’t realize that its the right that actually volunteers & gives of themselves, all while the left are trying to get the gov’t to force everyone to help who they want.

supported crisis pregnancy centers and donated shitloads of diapers to the local diaper bank[.] also, I’m in favor of generous monthly child allowances, single payer health care, universal free school lunches, and other policy measures that make raising a family easier.

Adopted 1 and took in 3 foster who are now staying permanently. In addition to my 6 natural children.

What did the writer think of the responses she received?

The question that we really should be asking those in favor of abortion — since we’re tossing out questions right now — is at what point are individuals responsible for their own actions and decisions?

Why should the rest of us have to provide contraception for those who are sexually active? Are they animals in heat who can’t control their hormones and sexual impulses? If they choose to have sex, they are taking massive risks, one of which is to end up pregnant. This is fairly common knowledge. Why then do any of us have to pay for their contraception?

People are responsible for their own actions. No one else should be forced to pay for someone else’s bad decisions. This includes the unborn baby in the womb who may result from reckless, sinful behavior from his or her parents.

Murder is not the solution. Neither is enabling someone’s lack of responsibility by providing free contraceptives. Folks need to learn how to exercise a little self-control. Sex isn’t the end all, be all. Be responsible and don’t just let anyone be intimate with you.

We need to be encouraging marriage and healthy relationships instead of free love.

Source: Daily Wire

Michael Stanley is a professional writer with 10 years of experience who has previously written for Young Conservatives, Allen West, and many others.
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