What Happened to Daily Wire’s Michael Knowles At Speaking Event Is Truly Appalling

Daily Wire’s Michael Knowles was assaulted during a speaking event being held at the University of Missouri-Kansas City Thursday night, by a masked protester who hosed him with a bleach-like liquid from a super soaker.

Oh and the liquid was filled with glitter too, because, you know, liberals just love to sparkle.

What topic was Knowles speaking on at the event? His speech was titled, “Men Are Not Women.”

Remember not that long ago when such a statement was a simple fact and not an issue that was up for debate and discussion? Oh how the world has changed. And not for the better.

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Hecklers consistently interrupted Knowles and yelled at him, prompting Knowles to respond, “I know, you’re so oppressed, my dears. I know, life is so hard for you. You have to live in the richest, most equitable, most just country in the history of the world. You have to get a college education; you have to voluntarily go to lectures; it’s so awful. I can’t imagine.”

As the protesters stood up and started leaving, Knowles continued, “People who are in war-torn nations; they must truly pity you. Goodbye. Goodbye.” The crowd started clapping; Knowles said, “Thank you gentlemen, for your support. I’m not that intimidated by these guys … There’s a course being taught right now at an American university on angry white men. When I look at who’s angry, I’m not so sure …” The hecklers started yelling again, prompting Knowles to reply, “I know. I seem so hateful. You guys seem lovely and sweet. You guys seem so compassionate and lovely.” Turning to one protester, he replied, “You hope that what? Well, it’s very difficult to use my platform when people use the hecklers veto to try to shut up any opinion that disagrees—”

This was about the time that masked protester attempted to spray Knowles down with the mixture that at first appeared to be bleach.

Knowles told The Daily Wire, “The topic of my lecture was ‘Men Are Not Women.’ Apparently this plain fact was so offensive to some leftist thugs that one of them decided to shoot me in the face and side with a super soaker full of what appeared to be glitter-colored bleach. At first I just thought it was paint because of the color and smell. I was later told it was bleach; police now say that the substance merely smelled like bleach. This is what conservatives on campus are up against. This is the kind of violence conservatives on campus stand to face if they state plain facts and refuse to kowtow to leftist fantasy.”

Police eventually tazed and detained two protesters involved in the incident.

This is what young liberals do when they encounter folks who believe differently than they do about important issues of the day. There’s no polite disagreement, no effort to calmly debate the topic and reason together through these matters. Nope.

The left is an angry, out of control mob of self-entitled, self-made victims who are looking for any excuse they can find in order to let loose and get violent. This isn’t about having a positive impact on the world. It’s about lashing out in anger so they can feel better about themselves.

The younger generations are so desperate for meaning and purpose, they invent fake controversies so they can do hashtag activism and recapture a bit of the flame of the 1960s. It’s sad and pathetic.

Here’s to hoping these two protesters face serious consequences for their actions.

Source: Daily Wire

Michael Stanley is a professional writer with 10 years of experience who has previously written for Young Conservatives, Allen West, and many others.
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