Trump Drops New Announcement About GOP Health Care Plan. Here’s What We Know.

President Trump took to Twitter late Monday evening to discuss a new GOP health care plan that he said would be voted on after the 2020 election cycle, news that is somewhat of a mixed bag, but hey, if it replaces Obamacare, that’s a good thing, right?

“Everybody agrees that ObamaCare doesn’t work. Premiums & deductibles are far too high – Really bad HealthCare!” Trump tweeted. “Even the Dems want to replace it, but with Medicare for all, which would cause 180 million Americans to lose their beloved private health insurance. The Republicans are developing a really great HealthCare Plan with far lower premiums (cost) & deductibles than ObamaCare.

The tweets from Trump come after the Justice Department informed a federal appeals court last week that it approved of an appeals court decision that stated that the entire Obamacare statute is unconstitutional.

“Justice Department lawyers previously had argued that if the courts found Obamacare’s ‘individual mandate’ is no longer constitutional, then a narrow slice of the program — consumer protections for people with pre-existing conditions — could not stand, either,” The Washington Times reported. “A federal judge in Texas went much further in a December ruling, agreeing with plaintiff states who said the whole law should be invalidated. On Monday, administration lawyers said they’re fine with that.”

Obamacare has been one of the worst things to happen to the American people in a long, long time. It might even be worse than the invention of pineapple on pizza. For some people anyway.

The whole schtick behind the Affordable Care Act was that it would make healthcare more affordable. It hasn’t done that for the majority of Americans. Many of us have lost our doctors, seen astronomical increases in our monthly premiums, ect.

What leftists don’t understand is that the universal laws of economics, like supply and demand, require competition in order to drive down costs. Competition forces companies to be innovative in finding new ways to lower production costs and make better products and services so they can offer lower prices and compete with other companies in their industry.

For healthcare this means removing restrictions that forbid people from shopping for insurance coverage across state lines. Forcing competition and opening up the market will help people save money.

Also, untethering insurance from work benefits so that people can get their own plans that go where they go will be a big help. Folks won’t feel chained to a place that doesn’t pay them well simply because the benefits are good.

Source: Daily Wire

Michael Stanley is a professional writer with 10 years of experience who has previously written for Young Conservatives, Allen West, and many others.
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