Liberal Journalist Tells Media To Learn Their Lesson Over Russia Investigation Coverage

Rolling Stone magazine contributor Matt Taibbi, who is pretty much the exact opposite of a Trump supporter, recently scolded the mainstream media for their coverage of the Russia investigation, which he called “Russiagate.”

In fact, Taibbi went so far as to accuse the left-wing media coverage of being “fake news” and nothing more than propaganda aimed at pushing an anti-Trump agenda at the expense of their credibility.

That really does nicely sum it up, doesn’t it?

In a piece for Rolling Stone, Taibbi called out journalists for congratulating themselves about the parts of the Mueller report that they had gotten right in the past two years. This, Taibbi argued, was not nearly enough.

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“We’re not trying to be right more often than Trump — we’re trying to not be wrong, ever. It’s a standard, not a competition,” he wrote.

“You know what was fake news?” he added. “Most of the Russiagate story. There was no Trump-Russia conspiracy, that thing we just spent three years chasing. The Mueller report is crystal clear on this.”

He called them out for “giving big stages to craven conspiracy-spinners like Malcolm Nance and Luke Harding” and for “denouncing people who doubted the conspiracy as spies and Putin apologists.”

Taibbi also warned that the whole “fiasco” will end up working to help Trump instead of hurt him. He’s exactly right on that point. The witch-hunt mentality of leftist media will no doubt drive more Democrats who are sick of seeing their party shift harder and harder left right over to Trump’s side in order to send a message to the Democratic Party.

With something like 20 percent of the vote for Trump being Democrat, you’d think this lesson would already have been learned, but it appears that’s not the case after all.

“The obstruction parts of the report make him look like a brainless goon and thug, but the absence of what Mueller repeatedly calls ‘underlying crime’ make his ravings about an elitist mob out to get him look justified. This is not an easy thing to achieve, but we’re there, and the press is a big part of that picture.”

“News audiences were betrayed, and sooner or later, even the most virulently Trump-despising demographics will realize it and tune us out. The only way to reverse the damage is to own how big of a screw-up this was, but after the last three years, who would hold their breath waiting for that?”

Trump has definitely been vindicated in a big way thanks to the Mueller report, and because of the findings that were released, any candidate going against him in 2020 from the Democratic Party is going to have an uphill battle.

Of course, given the cultural shift that’s slowly starting to work around the entire country, these candidates were already going to have a tough time, but it’s going to be much rougher than originally thought.

It’s all well deserved at this point.

Source: TheBlaze

Michael Stanley is a professional writer with 10 years of experience who has previously written for Young Conservatives, Allen West, and many others.
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