Group Claims California School District Teaches Pedophilia As Sexual Orientation. Now The School Has Changed Materials.

A conservative group claimed that a California school district was teaching students that pedophilia is a sexual orientation, however the school teaches about it in history and does not teach that it is a sexual orientation.

Confused? Don’t worry. It’ll all make sense in a minute.

According to the Freedom Project, a “top official” for the Brea Olinda School District told parents that students were learning about pedophilia and pederasty from a historical perspective.

The group went on to accuse the district of teaching the concepts as a sexual orientation.

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The information purportedly came to light during a March parent information meeting with the district. The district held the meeting to inform and review with parents the state’s Healthy Youth Act. The California Healthy Youth Act requires that students in grades seven through 12 receive “comprehensive” sexual health education, including education on HIV/AIDS. Lawmakers passed the act in 2015.

In the video, Stephanie Yates, who is founder of Informed Parents of California, asked district officials why they were “teaching pedophilia in school to ninth graders.”

District Assistant Superintendent of Curricula Kerrie Torres explained that the district taught about pedophilia and pederasty when discussing “historical perspectives of how gender relations and different types of sexual orientations have existed in history” with regard to a portion on LGBTQ history.

Yates interrupted, “So sex between a man and a boy is a sexual orientation?”

Torres circumvented Yates’ question, and responded, “It’s something that occurred in history, and so this is really important for us to include.”

Snopes spoke with a district representative who told them that pedophilia and pederasty was mentioned in a slideshow bullet point on the district curriculum, but they have sense pulled the verbiage from the slide due to its “ambiguous nature.”

Snopes also reported that the concept in question was included in an “outdated version” of the district’s Healthy Youth Act-compliant curriculum that mentioned pederasty “in a section about LGBT history, but neither endorsed the practice nor described or presented it as a discreet, legitimate sexual orientation.”

The portion of the curriculum in question was titled, “Introduction to Sexual Orientation,” and featured a slideshow called “LGBTIQ in History,” addressing homosexual practices in ancient times around the world.

Here’s what the outdated version of the slide said that stirred up so much controversy.

“The practice of pederasty (an older upper middle class man would make a young free boy his partner and become his mentor) is mentioned in Homer’s Iliad, and is evidenced to have existed at least 4500 years ago in ancient Egypt.”

Believe it or not, it wouldn’t at all be surprising to find out public schools were teaching pedophilia as a sexual orientation, as that seems to be the direction progressive thinkers are headed at the moment.

They’ve already normalized other deviant forms of sexuality, so this is the next logical step down the slippery slope. Once same-sex marriage was recognized as legit and normal, it wasn’t long before articles attempting to normalize pedophilia were being published by major left-wing publications.

Why would they want this to be normal? Because in order for the government to be able to create a utopian society, they need a citizenry that is without question loyal to said government and view them as a parent that knows what is best for them.

This naturally entails the destruction of the family unit before such a bond will occur. Thus, any sort of sexual activity that promotes the destruction of a traditional family unit needs to not only be normalized, but encouraged. Which is precisely what the left is attempting to do.

This slide may not have been a huge thing, but all of the movements to normalize sinful sexual practices have started small and worked their way up. Don’t be surprised when this follows suit.

Source: TheBlaze

Michael Stanley is a professional writer with 10 years of experience who has previously written for Young Conservatives, Allen West, and many others.
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