While Everyone Laughs At ‘Green New Deal’ Politico Races To Ocasio-Cortez’s Defense

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, considered to be the “future” of the Democratic Party, finally released her “Green New Deal,” and to say it’s the stuff nightmares are made of would not at all be an over exaggeration.

Even those who are her supporters and fans — both inside and outside the media — had a tough time chatting about the goals the democratic socialist proposed in the plan. Goals like eliminating all use of fossil fuels — including natural gas — in the next ten years.

AOC also wants to create so many high-speed railways that we can get rid of airplanes, give every American a job with a livable wage, and provide “financial security” for those “unwilling to work.”

Yes, you read that right. For those who don’t want to work, they can sit on their butts and have financial security. You’re probably about to start calling her crazy, out of her gourd, and other such phrases. But hold on. There’s more.

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She also wants to abolish “farting cows.”

Face. Palm.

Despite this insanity, Politico attempted to come to her aid and defend her against her detractors. This is worth an eye roll or two.

In a piece titled “The Impossible Green Dream of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez,” Politico’s Michael Grunwald offers his best attempt at a defense of the freshman Democrat’s highly anticipated, stunningly naive document. While Grunwald does acknowledge that all of her major proposals are, simply put, “impossible,” he says that “none of that matters.”

“Let’s get real: The United States is not going to achieve net-zero greenhouse-gas emissions in 10 years, the key goal of the Green New Deal resolution that Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) and Sen. Ed Markey (D-Mass.) unveiled Thursday,” Grunwald writes. “More real talk: America won’t get 100 percent of its power from zero-emissions sources within a decade, either, another audacious Green New Deal goal. And we’re not going to upgrade the energy efficiency of every single building in the country, as the resolution proposes. If we were getting all our energy from zero-emissions sources, it wouldn’t even make sense to try.”

Then he gets to the premise of his attempt to defend the embattled Democrat darling: “But here’s one more reality check: None of that really matters.”

Grunwald portrays the Green New Deal and AOC as a victim of an unfair “barrage of skepticism” from “well-intentioned fact-checkers, badly intentioned climate trolls, and desperate-to-look-savvy pundits, all focusing on the logistical and political impossibilities of transforming the economy as rapidly as the Green New Deal envisions.” The only problem is, he admits, “they’re right.”

“And they’re right: Its goals really do seem impossible to achieve,” he writes, now qualifying his unqualified “impossible” headline. “But they’re all missing the point. If anything, they’re helping the Green New Deal’s backers to make their point, which is that climate change is an unprecedented emergency that requires unprecedented action, so America needs to try to do seemingly impossible things.”

But what’s the point of doing something that’s impossible? Grunwald insists that, while “seemingly” impossible, the much-mocked document really is useful because it serves as “a political manifesto, a messaging device designed to commit the Democratic Party to treating the climate crisis like a real crisis, pressuring its presidential candidates to support radical transformation of the fossil-fueled economy.”

He also maintains that the “seemingly” impossible proposal also serves as “a policy proposal — or at least a sketch of one, a way to launch a substantive debate over how Democrats will attack the crisis if they do regain the White House.”

Grunwald goes on to try to convince the reader that the proposal is “much less radical” than it’s being described, but then admits its underlying assumption is this utterly socialist and unfounded premise: “The underlying philosophy of the Green New Deal is that only the power of government can create the revolutionary change that’s needed, just as the green investments in President Barack Obama’s 2009 stimulus bill helped jump-start the revolution.”

AOC’s wacky plan should be a wake up call to conservatives and average, middle-of-the-road voters across the country.

This “manifesto” is the kind of radical transformation modern day Democrats want in our great nation. And as you can tell from the plan itself, this will not happen without massive intrusion from a tyrannical, bloated federal government.

Their vision for our nation is to destroy it — killing off liberty in the process — in exchange for what they think will be a perfectly fair and balanced society. A utopia.


It’ll never happen. We live in a fallen, imperfect world full of fallen, wicked, corrupt individuals. There’s no way to maintain such a society. It’s literally impossible.

If the framework for such a society were to be built, things would soon crumble and a ruling class of elites would then oppress the citizenry at large. It’s happened countless times in countries where this was attempted.

Unfortunately, young, ignorant, ideologues like Ocasio-Cortez can’t see past their idealism long enough to see the truth.

Source: Daily Wire

Michael Stanley is a professional writer with 10 years of experience who has previously written for Young Conservatives, Allen West, and many others.
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