VIDEO: Ocasio-Cortez Confused On Difference Between Border Wall And Berlin Wall

Well, here we are, another new day is upon us, providing yet another opportunity for Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez to make a fool out of herself.

It’s unbelievable that someone stuffed to the gills with college education could possibly be as ignorant as this woman, but yet, here we are, with this young lady actually sitting in a place of power and authority.

Anyway, good old AOC made it clear recently that she didn’t understand the difference between the Berlin Wall and the wall that Trump wants to build to help secure our border.

Folks, this is the “fresh face” who represents the next generation of politicians. Heaven help us.

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During an Instagram live video on Friday, the freshman congresswoman said that she thought the wall was a “moral abomination. I think it’s like the Berlin Wall.”

That Ocasio-Cortez thinks the border wall is “like the Berlin Wall” suggests she knows very little about history and concepts of border security. Former senior official at the U.S. Department of Homeland Security Matt Mayer explains why comparisons between Trump’s wall and the Berlin Wall are nonsensical and insulting for those oppressed in East Germany:

The goal of the Berlin Wall: stop East Germans from escaping to West Germany, as roughly three million did from the end of World War II until the wall was built. It divided Berlin for twenty-eight years. In many ways, the Berlin Wall served as a prison wall for East Germans. At least 139 people died at the Berlin Wall. It is hard to believe it has been gone for nearly as long as it was up.

Too often, Americans use the Berlin Wall in the debate over expanding the wall on our border with Mexico. Not only does this usage cheapen the history of the Berlin Wall, it is a terrible analogy. The goal of America’s border wall is to keep people and contraband from illegally coming in to the United States, not to prevent Americans from escaping. Unlike with the Berlin Wall, the use of force on the border is significantly restricted by law, including when engaging with violent and well-armed Mexican drug cartels.

“Let’s say you love the wall, let’s say you want it, point is, it’s wrong to hold people’s paychecks hostage for it and if you want your wall so bad, go out and convince the American people because 70% of America thinks this is the dumbest idea ever and it’s not my problem that the majority of the American public thinks it’s a scam, a sham, a monument to white supremacy,” Ocasio-Cortez continued. “It’s not my fault, not my fault.”

AOC’s wacky notion that 70 percent of American citizens think the border wall is a bad idea is greatly exaggerated. As per usual, she’s leaving out a very important fact. The PEW research study that presented this figure said that 70 percent of Democrats think that about the wall. Not Americans in general.

The whole idea of the Berlin Wall was big, intrusive government acting to limit the ability of folks to leave the country. Our wall isn’t designed to completely keep immigrants out. There’s still a process for coming here. There’s also freedom for folks to leave as well.

The whole point of the border wall is to stop illegal activity that threatens the safety of our citizens. What’s so hard about this to grasp?

Source: Daily Wire

Michael Stanley is a professional writer with 10 years of experience who has previously written for Young Conservatives, Allen West, and many others.
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