The Stories Former Planned Parenthood Workers Are Sharing Will Chill You To The Bone

Some former employees of the nation’s largest abortion provider recently sat down and spilled their guts about what it was like working for this wretched organization with conservative news outlet Daily Caller, and what they shared will leave you totally horrified.

This is truly disturbing, folks.

Myra Kincaid worked as a surgical assistant at a Planned Parenthood in Baltimore, Maryland, from February 2013 to February 2014, she said. Planned Parenthood called Kincaid shortly before she graduated college to recruit her, Kincaid told TheDCNF. She previously worked as a pharmacy technician and was in school to become a medical assistant.

Kincaid said Planned Parenthood didn’t emphasize abortion at the beginning of her employment and told her the organization provided services for women like cancer screenings, but shortly thereafter, she was “thrown right into the surgical room where they perform the abortions, and that’s because they were so short-staffed that they had to rush me through training.”

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Kincaid got through each day by telling herself she was helping women, she told TheDCNF. But ultrasound-guided abortions began upsetting Kincaid.

“It wasn’t until I had to actually pick out the pieces of children, that’s when I started looking at these little arms and little legs. They’re like little dolls,” she said.

Kincaid told TheDCNF she helped abort babies up to 14 weeks along at the Baltimore clinic.

Conditions improved slightly after Kincaid left the surgical room and became a counselor at the clinic. She no longer assisted with abortions and was tasked with advising women about their options regarding abortion, sexual health and pregnancy, an area where Kincaid felt she could make a positive difference, she told TheDCNF.

Kincaid said she quickly came into conflict with her higher-ups “if [she] walked out with pre-natal vitamins for a patient instead of an abortion.” Kincaid refused to convince unsure women to have abortions.

Kincaid said she reached a breaking point after a young woman came in for an abortion and the ultrasound showed she was pregnant with quadruplets.

“Oh my god, that’s four babies,” Kincaid said.

The young woman, nearly 13 weeks pregnant, returned to the clinic three times and refused an abortion each time. Her partner, whom Kincaid described as a much older man, did not want her to have the babies, she said.

She returned to the clinic a fourth time in excruciating pain and bleeding profusely, and the man had taken her to another clinic where she had begun a medication abortion, Kincaid told TheDCNF.

Planned Parenthood staff took the girl to a room to help her.

“We pulled down her pants and a baby fell right in the toilet. Two others were hanging out of her,” Kincaid said. They fell “[into] a little bowl, holding each other.”

The fourth baby was suctioned out of the womb. Kincaid stated the whole staff was traumatized by the experience, stating, “We were used to pieces, not a whole baby.”

These precious children, murdered in the womb, already had all of their organs and looked older than 14 weeks. Kincaid says the staff was forbidden to speak of the incident.

Kincaid went on to detail how she suffered from nightmares about this particular abortion, going on to say that she woke up one day and said enough was enough.

In order to get out of this horrendous industry, Kincaid enlisted the help and support of an organization called, “And Then There Were None,” a group that helps abortion workers leave the field. Kincaid reached back and helped three other Planned Parenthood employees leave their jobs.

Kincaid now works as a registered medical assistant at a general practice physician’s office.

How sickening and barbaric.

It should break the heart of any decent human being to hear of how these poor, innocent little babies are being shredded apart, sacrifices on the altar of convenience by a cruel and heartless generation of degenerates.

This is truly the Civil Rights issue of our day. It’s time to abolish human abortion, right now, in this generation. Let’s be on the right side of history, folks.

Source: Daily Caller

Michael Stanley is a professional writer with 10 years of experience who has previously written for Young Conservatives, Allen West, and many others.
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