Patricia Heaton Completely Obliterates Media Over Attack On Covington Catholic Kids

Former star of “Everybody Loves Raymond” Patricia Heaton, an outspoken pro-life Catholic, took the media to task for their lopsided “fake news” coverage of the Covington Catholic kids who were embroiled in a controversy involving a Native American activist thanks to a viral video released over the weekend.

She started by writing, “I’m seeing what I believe to be sincere apologies from some journalists and verified media persons regarding their lack of professionalism in rushing to judgement re the #CovingtonCatholic situation.”

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She continued, “These apologies are welcome and necessary, but they don’t address the damage that cannot be undone which was inflicted upon young people who are about to embark on adulthood – applying to colleges, looking for employment, etc.”

Heaton pointed out that the damage done by insinuating something was wrong with the school would also hurt the students immeasurably, writing, “These young people will forever have these smears follow them through their life every time they proffer their resume with the word ‘Covington’ on it. It will also affect anyone who ever has or ever will attend that school. The damage is incalculable.”

She noted that the perpetrators of the attacks on the boys would likely emerge scot-free, tweeting, “And yet those who perpetrated this destruction, no matter how unintended, are still at their jobs, with nary a consequence for their reckless behavior.”

Heaton is no stranger to weighing in on controversial subjects, being unabashedly pro-life and also denouncing Pope Francis’ call for journalists to investigate the abuse of children in the Catholic Church instead of revealing the information themselves.

It’s so refreshing to have someone like Heaton in Hollywood, as the vast majority of folks in the business seem to be raging leftists who want nothing to do with conservatives of any stripe.

Heaton brings balance and a sense of sanity to the madness of the industry. Hopefully her example will empower others to stand up for what they believe in and not be silenced by the militant left.

Source: Daily Wire

Michael Stanley is a professional writer with 10 years of experience who has previously written for Young Conservatives, Allen West, and many others.
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