Abortion Advocate Claims ‘Fetal Tissue Is Not A Person.’ Daily Wire Writer Destroys Her.

A pro-abortion advocate who also serves as a senior editor over at Romper as well as being a columnist for Bustle did the one thing the less-than-intelligent leftists in this country should know better than to do.

Rather than be thought of as a fool, she opened her mouth and removed all doubt.

Yes, this wonderful, shining piece of humanity opted to once again weigh in on the topic of abortion, stating that “fetal tissue is not a person.”

What she didn’t expect was to be completely obliterated for her idiotic statement by Daily Wire writer Emily Zanotti.

Two days prior to that tweet, Campoamor had tweeted her love for abortion providers: “Ppl who provide abortions are the kindest, most passionate, & hilarious ppl you’ll ever meet. Talking to abortion providers is always the highlight of my day & reason #466,875 why I love my job & it’s just not said enough: they’re the best ppl on earth. #iloveabortionproviders.”

Campoamor has written extensively about her abortion stance. Discussing how to deal with a partner and his feelings, she wrote:

Let your partner know that it’s acceptable for them to feel whatever it is they’re feeling, even if it’s toward you (as long as those feelings are expressed in a healthy, safe way), and remind yourself that you are not your abortion …When I made the decision to terminate my pregnancy, I didn’t have to raise it with my then-partner because he was the first to suggest it. We came to the same conclusion organically after taking stock in our often problematic relationship, our finances, and our inability — both individually and as a couple — to be adequate parents. We knew what was best for both of us, so we arrived at the decision pretty effortlessly. In some ways, it was the easiest conversation we ever had.

And now for Campoamor’s complete and utter destruction, courtesy of Emily Zanotti, who has done our nation a great service by taking this lady to the woodshed.

One Twitter user tried to use a quote from Zanotti’s boss in order to challenge her, writing, “Yet facts still don’t care about your feelings. Tissue is not a person.”

Yet facts still don’t care about your feelings. Tissue is not a person. https://t.co/0roR0LqaAI

— Attempted Arts (@RBMEllis) January 14, 2019

Zanotti shut them down, too, answering, “The twins in my uterus that I just saw on an ultrasound sure looked like people. Faces and everything.”

Still trying to stay afloat, the Twitter user tweeted, “And yet, sad as it is, tissue from a dead organism is not a person.”

And yet, sad as it is, tissue from a dead organism is not a person.

— Attempted Arts (@RBMEllis) January 14, 2019

As Zanotti noted, liberals and Democrats are not at all the party of science as they claim to be. After all, this is the same group of individuals who think someone with male DNA, which cannot be altered, can somehow magically become a woman just by the sheer power of their thoughts and some very imaginative special effects.

Is it any wonder such individuals would have a hard time parsing basic tenets of human biology?

What’s truly insane is the fact that there are people in this world who actually celebrate committing murder. Worse yet, they treat abortion providers — baby killers — as rock stars. This is the equivalent of being a groupie for Adolf Hitler.

We should all be thankful for pro-life folks like Zanotti who aren’t afraid to stand up boldly for the unborn.

Source: Daily Wire

Michael Stanley is a professional writer with 10 years of experience who has previously written for Young Conservatives, Allen West, and many others.
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