Who Lamont Hill Just Compared Hannity And O’Reilly To Is Absurd

Temple University professor Lamont Hill recently spoke on “The Breakfast Club” radio show where he stated that Fox News host Sean Hannity and former host Bill O’Reilly were both as extreme and racist as Louis Farrakhan, the leader if the Nation of Islam.

Oh but the insanity didn’t stop there. Hill also stated that the Israeli government is responsible for American police killing people.

No, seriously. He really said that.

Lamont Hill segued to discussing his association with the anti-Semitic and racist preacher Louis Farrakhan, saying that Farrakhan was no more extremist than Fox News host Sean Hannity and former host Bill O’Reilly:

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But for some reason, if you meet with Minister Farrakhan and you don’t throw him away wholesale, then you’re castigated in a way that doesn’t happen with anybody else. I worked on Fox News for many years. No one ever said, “Why are you meeting, why are you sitting with Bill O’Reilly? Why are you sitting with Sean Hannity? Why are you sitting with Ann Coulter?” No one ever said that.

And I’m not comparing Farrakhan to them except to say that if you think they’re extremist, well I think they’re extremist. So why is only set of people untouchable? Why does every black leader have to ritually denounce Farrakhan in order to sustain a position? That doesn’t happen to anyone else. Again, Mr. Farrakhan is my brother. We don’t agree on some issues that I’ve mentioned.

Later in the broadcast, Lamont Hill attempted to blame the Israeli government for violence committed against the black community by police departments, asserting, “I can fight for black people here and struggle abroad but again, there’s a relationship between the two. The New York City police — they’re killing us but they’re trained by Israeli security forces.”

One host asked, “Really?”

Lamont Hill: “Yes! They’re being trained, New York City police and in other cities as well. So there’s a connection between the two. So I can’t stop one without the other. … There’s a relationship.”

A host commented that people would use the headline: “Mark Lamont Hill says that NYPD Police Officers are Killing People and They’re Trained By Israeli Jewish Security Forces.”

Lamont Hill responded by trying to make a distinction between the Israeli government and Jews, claiming there was a connection: “That’s what they’ll say, and now remember, I ain’t talking Jewish people; I’m talking about the Israeli state. This has nothing to do with Jewish people. I’m talking about the Israeli government.”

And just who, exactly, Mr. Hill, runs the Israeli government? It seems that the vast majority of folks with a fully functioning brain would state that those in charge of the Israeli government are Jewish.

So, yes. You’re talking about the Jewish people. This isn’t rocket science. This man is doing his best to play both sides of the fence, attempting to make his twisted ideology consistent and it isn’t working.

He’s wanting to hate on Jewish folk without being called a racist, because well, according to the left, you can’t be a liberal racist. Yet, that’s exactly what he’s being when he’s insulting an entire people group like this.

The mental gymnastics required to be a progressive and not have your head explode is truly mind-boggling.

Source: Daily Wire

Michael Stanley is a professional writer with 10 years of experience who has previously written for Young Conservatives, Allen West, and many others.
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