NYT Believes Elizabeth Warren May Have Ruined Her Chances At The White House. Here’s Why.

A new report published by the New York Times is stating that one of the top frontrunners for the Democratic Party’s 2020 presidential nomination, Sen. Elizabeth Warren, has more or less destroyed her chances at nabbing the White House.

The tool of her destruction? That doggone DNA test.

You know, the one that said she was 1/1024th Native American?

But nearly two months after Ms. Warren released the test results and drew hostile reactions from prominent tribal leaders, the lingering cloud over her likely presidential campaign has only darkened. Conservatives have continued to ridicule her. More worrisome to supporters of Ms. Warren’s presidential ambitions, she has yet to allay criticism from grass-roots progressive groups, liberal political operatives and other potential 2020 allies who complain that she put too much emphasis on the controversial field of racial science — and, in doing so, played into Mr. Trump’s hands.

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Herein lies the hilarious story of a white woman trying to pass herself off as a member of a minority group for the purpose of satisfying the intersectional base of the Democratic Party. Other Democratic politicians have merely paid lip service to intersectionality – politicians like Senator Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY):

Warren should’ve dropped the whole “Native American heritage” card right then and there, but she didn’t. Instead, she took President Trump up on his DNA challenge, offering up her saliva in the hopes it would benefit her political career.

Instead, it seems like this move has only helped speed up her destruction. Now, if you remember when this story first broke a few months ago, you’ll likely note that the mainstream media was gushing over the results, discussing how much they were going to help her.

Fortunately, thanks to the modern age we live in and the many, many different sources of media, all positive claims about these results were thoroughly debunked and trashed, which has now led to Warren being dismantled by her fellow Democrats.

Racial justice advocates, keen to cast race as a socially constructed issue with little biological grounding, said Ms. Warren’s actions gave validity to the idea that race is determined by blood, a bedrock principle for those who believe in racial hierarchies and castes…. In interviews, several progressives wondered if Ms. Warren’s decision to take the DNA test was indicative of a larger problem for several prospective presidential candidates: that their inner circles of advisers don’t reflect the racial diversity of the Democratic electorate.

Former advisors have come forward to complain about Warren’s judgment to the Times. And hard-core progressives are upset with Warren attempting to hijack the intersectional movement in order to forward her career aspirations.

Warren is experiencing a fate that is similar to what Hillary Clinton went through during the 2016 election. No matter what many of the talking heads out there might say, there’s no denying that the email scandal helped to sink her battleship.

When the average voter learned of Clinton’s snafu and her attempts to lie about it, they knew she wasn’t someone they could trust, voicing that truth through the ballot box.

Now, that’s not the only reason she lost. There’s much more to it, like how they railroaded Bernie Sanders out of the race despite his popularity.

Regardless, the point is, it would be best for this nation’s future if Warren never set foot in the White House as a resident in any capacity. This little DNA stunt is just one more layer of protection to keep that from happening.

Source: Daily Wire

Michael Stanley is a professional writer with 10 years of experience who has previously written for Young Conservatives, Allen West, and many others.
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