NY Times Reporter Wants To Track Guns Bought With Credit Cards. Here’s What He’s Suggesting.

It seems the New York Times is on a roll this week when it comes to absurd left-wing nonsense, posting a piece by Andrew Ross Sorkin that will no doubt have gun rights activists furious. And for good reason.

Sorkin suggested that gun purchases made with credit card companies surveil cardholders who buy firearms with their cards.

Apparently the very clear, concisely written Second Amendment has gone over Sorkin’s head.

The NYT piece, authored by Andrew Ross Sorkin, noted that a number of mass shooters purchased their weapons and ammo using credit cards. Banks are required to alert federal authorities to purchases exceeding $10,000, but there are rules preventing them from seeing precisely what goods users are purchasing.

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Nonetheless, NYT’s Sorkin suggests that banks track purchases at sporting goods stores and gun shops and prevent cardholders from purchasing multiple firearms “in a short period of time” and report unusual spending patterns.

Nick Confessore, another NYT reporter, insinuated that banks and credit card companies have some responsibility for mass shootings because they “financed” them.

“We do not believe Visa should be in the position of setting restrictions on the sale of lawful goods or services,” Amanda Pires, a Visa spokeswoman, told NYT. “Our role in commerce is to efficiently process, protect and settle all legal payments. Asking Visa or other payment networks to arbitrate what legal goods can be purchased sets a dangerous precedent.”

MasterCard similarly touted the “privacy of [cardholders’] purchasing decisions.”

One thing Sorkin’s article neglects to mention is how having credit card companies track gun purchases could backfire by forcing those planning a mass shooting to rely on cash to by their weapons, thus making it even more difficult to track the purchases.

Sorkin also fails to note what exactly the parameters are for an “abnormal” gun purchase. He doesn’t state how many guns or bullets would be worthy of a red flag for these companies. At the end of the day, this is likely intentionally left out, because the reality is, a single gun to a a liberal is considered an “abnormal” purchase.

Sorkin received quite a bit of pushback online for his piece, which he promptly brushed off, stating the measures he suggested are all about “saving kids.”

This is a prime example of a progressive taking full advantage of national tragedies in order to soften folks so they’ll willingly give up their God-given right to bear arms in order to “save the kids.”

Sorkin is essentially stating that any person who doesn’t support his suggestion here does not care about the safety of children, which couldn’t be further from the truth. All gun rights activists care about the safety of children. Which is why they advocate so hard for individuals to have the right to own weapons that can help them defend their kids, their own lives, and the property they’ve worked hard to accumulate.

Unfortunately, liberals like Sorkin don’t seem to get it.

Source: Daily Caller

Michael Stanley is a professional writer with 10 years of experience who has previously written for Young Conservatives, Allen West, and many others.
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