Joy Reid Establishes Racial Test For Democratic Party Ahead Of 2020 Election. Here’s What She Says They ‘Can’t Run.’

Identity politics is a huge part of the Democratic Party’s strategy for the radical transformation of the United States into some left-wing nightmare society, a fact that is proven true by MSNBC host Joy Reid.

On a recent edition of Reid’s show, the host stated that the Democratic Party cannot run “two white guys” in the 2020 election, basically stating that they will need to have a “diverse” ticket in order to win big.

JASON JOHNSON: What’s the most important constituency for Democrats in 2020? Black women. And I’ve heard plenty of black women say, if there’s not a black woman on this ticket, I’m not voting, I’m not excited, I’m not enthusiastic.” If the Democratic party wants to run seriously in 2020, they can’t relegate black women to second class. They can’t relegate black women a consolation prize.

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Not-so-joyous Reid then established an absolute racial test for Dems, nixing as an example, the notion of a Biden/Beto ticket:

JOY REID: They can’t run two white guys. The idea that you have Joe Biden talking to Beto O’Rourke and saying maybe they could be a ticket. I personally find it hard to understand how you get the requisite turnout among voters of color if it’s a two-white-male ticket. I mean, women are going to be outraged if there’s not a woman on the ticket, and voters of color are going to say: well, then why are we participating?”

In other words, it doesn’t matter if the two white dudes are the best, most qualified individuals for the job. Due to their color, they shouldn’t be allowed to run on the same ticket. So identity politics is far more important than securing a prosperous future for all Americans.

Typical, right?

Sure, we could argue the left has nothing to offer America regardless of who is on the ticket and that’s true, but for the sake of argument, if they actually did have some way to improve our country, but it was the two white men who could do it, it’d be immoral to not allow them to run simply so you could make yourself feel better about race relations.

This is precisely why Donald Trump won the presidency. The left has learned nothing from the last two years.

Source: Newsbusters

Michael Stanley is a professional writer with 10 years of experience who has previously written for Young Conservatives, Allen West, and many others.
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