VIDEO: Trump Delivers Moving Thanksgiving Speech Chock Full of God and Patriotism

President Trump posted a Thanksgiving day video message on Thursday where he emphasized how God has provided numerous blessings for Americans to enjoy and has guided our great nation every step of the way.

Trump also went on to honor the many heroes this nation has been blessed with who keep America “safe, strong, and free.”

“From the very beginning of our nation, Americans have come together to remember our blessings and give thanks to God,” he states in a video posted on social media Thursday.

“This Thanksgiving we remember more than 200,000 brave Americans who are currently serving over seas,” he continues. “We thank God for every patriot who serves our nation in uniform. We also pause to pray for all of those who have suffered loss this year, especially survivors and families of the innocent Americans who were victims of the horrific and hateful acts of violence. And we pray for everyone effected by catastrophic storms and devastating wildfires that have ravaged communities in California. Every American heart is with those impacted by this terrible tragedy.”

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He then spends some time praising the first responders who have risked their own lives to protect others’. “We thank every firefighter, first responder, and law enforcement officer who raced into danger to save so many lives,” he said. “These are brave people; these are great people; these are special people. Our spirits are lifted as we witness Americans across the country rescue those who are in danger, support those who are in need, and come together to rebuild homes and restore hope.”

He continues: “This Thanksgiving we express our profound gratitude to the family and friends who enrich our lives, to the neighbors who strengthen our communities, and to our fellow citizens who make this glorious nation into a beautiful home.”

He concludes by noting the prosperity America is enjoying and again stressing God’s role in imparting these blessings to our country. “We are all thankful for the incredible prosperity booming all across our land,” he said. “We thank God for the blessing of being American, the joy of spending time with loved ones, and the sacrifices made by the heroes who keep American safe, strong, and free. Thank you, God bless you, and happy Thanksgiving to everyone.”

We as Americans are most definitely blessed by God to have the liberty we have each and every day. While the rights we enjoy seem to be under constant attack by individuals who don’t seem to understand what makes this nation of ours so unique, we should be thankful we have the ability to fight and protect our liberty with a republican system of government.

There’s so, so much to be thankful for, every day of the year.

Source: Daily Wire

Michael Stanley is a professional writer with 10 years of experience who has previously written for Young Conservatives, Allen West, and many others.
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