Historic Society Forced To Apologize For ‘Insensitive’ Christmas Mailer After Offending “Woke” Crowd. Here’s What It Said.

The historical society in Dorchester, Massachusetts was forced to issue an apology after a mailer the group sent out offended members of the “woke” crowd who perceived the mailer to be “racially insensitive.”

The card invited local citizens to The Dorchester Historical Society’s annual “Holiday Open House, with the mailer being titled “We’re dreaming of a white Dorchester.”

Now, to any normal person, it’s quite clear this is a reference to the song “White Christmas,” which is a reference to snow. It’s a very bad play on words, but a play on words nonetheless.

And yet, this still managed to offend people.

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A spokesperson for the society said that the organization had no desire to leave others out with their invitation after receiving criticism on social media.

One user tweet read, “[L]ooks like some one [sic] did not proof this. The message of a white Chrismtas [sic] implies others are left out. Maybe not intentional but not how it appears. Faux Paux [sic].”

Another chimed in and added, “Probably just goes to show you don’t have any minorities on your board or communications team….might be time to start incorporating some diversity in your team since they would’ve noticed this insensitivity.”

Another user even said that people at the society — every last one of them, to be exact — should have lost their jobs over the mailer.

In a tweet, the society issued a statement on the matter.

“We are very truly sorry about our graphic used for this event,” the tweet read. “This was an unfortunate oversight on our part and the event photograph has been removed from our social media. We were simply changing the words to the classic Christmas carol and did not think it through properly.”

The tweet continued, “Thank you for alerting us to this matter as we certainly do not want to project that message, even if completely accidentally. Again, thank you.”

So, according to these geniuses, the lyrics to “White Christmas” is somehow racist? Even though it’s referring to snow? Seriously?

Folks, this is just ridiculous.

It’s a song. About having a snowy, cozy, Christmas. Not everything is a racial issue. When people make everything some sort of political issue, it demonstrates how desperate they are for some type of battle to fight, some sort of meaning to give their life significance.

We all need significance and purpose. However, that can only truly be found in Christ. Not in faux causes that are concocted just for the sake of protesting something.

Source: TheBlaze

Michael Stanley is a professional writer with 10 years of experience who has previously written for Young Conservatives, Allen West, and many others.
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