Bette Midler Solves the Riddle of Dangerous Black Friday Conditions. Her Revelation is a Real Doozy.

According to actress and singer Bette Midler, the reason why people go nuts during Black Friday shopping and darn near kill each other to buy this year’s hottest toy — which their kids will play with for all of a week before ditching it the island of misfit toys located beneath their beds — is because of minimum wage.

Yes, apparently Midler has decided to become an economist in her spare time.

Just one day after America took to stores to reap the benefits of the massive sales that act as the unofficial opening to the holiday season, Midler took to Twitter where she implied that the sometimes dangerous shopping conditions occur because average Americans find the low cost of these items more of a necessity than a benefit.

“And how was YOUR Black Friday? No injuries, I hope! It’s incredible that we have to fight over STUFF. If there were a DECENT minimum wage, or if workers were treated fairly, and got a tiny portion of the kinds of salaries and bonuses CEOS pay themselves, we wouldn’t,” the star wrote.

The reply thread to her tweet is relatively split, with some users chastising the actress for an ill-informed opinion and claiming hypocrisy of making as much as a celebrity. Others, meanwhile, agree with the star’s assessment and defend her for her charity work.

Midler, like the vast majority of folks on the left, seem to lack a fundamental understanding of basic economic theory and principle.

When a business is forced by government regulations to increase the minimum wage, that is a greater cost to their bottom line, taking away money they need to keep the business running.

This leads to a need to offset said cost. Businesses raise the cost of goods and services, passing the cost on to the consumer. This inevitably leads to fewer people buying those products and services, thus leading to ever shrinking profit margins for business owners.

The snowball effect comes into play now. With less money to work with, employees work fewer hours. Some even get let go. Now you have workers, the very same people who were supposed to benefit from the minimum wage hike, in even worse financial shape than they were before. And so are consumers who have to pay higher prices and end up getting less innovative products and services.

If things continue to stink, businesses close up.

In short, no one wins with a hike in the minimum wage.

Source: Fox News

Michael Stanley is a professional writer with 10 years of experience who has previously written for Young Conservatives, Allen West, and many others.
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