New York Times Smears Border Patrol Officials With BLATANTLY Deceptive Tweet

The left-leaning “failing New York Times,” as President Trump refers to the publication, posted a deceptive article that smears border patrol agents.

Why they’d do this unless they are trying to push an agenda makes little sense.

However, their folly was noticed.

Here’s their tweet:

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Here’s the problem, per Daily Wire:

The first problem with the Times’ reporting is that the statement that “more than 500 employees” were arrested during the two-year period is false — the real number is 496, as some employees were arrested more than once, which the CBP specifically noted.

The second and much larger problem with the Times’ reporting is their insinuation that those employees were arrested for “drug trafficking and accepting bribes.”

The Times’ specifically noted those two offenses because they want to cast the CBP as a corrupt organization but the truth is that there were only 30 arrests during FY 2016 and FY 2017 for corruption charges — not “more than 500 employees” — out of approximately 60,000 employees.


CBP employees were arrested for the following crimes during FY 2016 and FY 2017:

-Drug/Alcohol-Related Misconduct: 228

-Domestic/Family Misconduct: 95

-Corruption: 30

-Impeding the Criminal Justice System: 27

-Assault: 25

-Property Crimes: 18

-Traffic/Driving Misconduct: 18

-Crimes Involving Children: 12

-White Collar Crime: 11

-Minor Offenses: 10

-Threatening Behavior: 10

-Weapons Violations: 9

-Miscellaneous Misconduct: 7

-Sexual Misconduct: 4

-Violent Crimes: 4

-Mission-Related Misconduct: 2

Fellow left-leaning network CNN, was forced to release a statement saying “CNN does not lie.”

Their message came a couple weeks before three CNN personalities were caught lying – in less than 24 hours.

What is it with left-leaning outlets lying so often?

Here’s CNN’s response to a message from President Donald Trump calling them out:

The lies, via The Daily Wire:

1. On Monday night, CNN’s Anderson Cooper lied about a tweet from Donald Trump Jr.


Cooper’s statement was a blatant lie as Trump Jr. never mentioned anything about any hurricane and the article that he shared mocked CNN’s drastic decline in ratings.

2. CNN’s Communications team falsely claimed that CNN Digital is #1 “in all key metrics”

According to statistics from comScore, Fox News beat CNN in total page views and in total minutes spent on the site for the month of August:

Total Page Views:

FOX News Digital – 1,659,000,000 (up 44 percent vs. August 2017) – 1,593,000,000 (up 45 percent vs. August 2017)
CNN Brand – 1,528,000,000 (down 14 percent vs. August 2017) – 1,337,000,000 (down 14 percent vs. August 2017)


3. CNN’s Chris Cillizza lied about Trump remarks on Tuesday

Trump’s actual words?

“I don’t think the FBI should be involved because they don’t want to be involved, if they wanted to be I would certainly do that. As you say, this is not really their thing. The Senators will do a good job.”

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