CNN Caught Lying THREE TIMES In 24 Hrs After Claiming ‘CNN Does Not Lie’

CNN’s communications team was forced to release a statement saying “CNN does not lie.”

Their message came a couple weeks before three CNN personalities were caught lying – in less than 24 hours.

Here’s CNN’s response to a message from President Donald Trump calling them out:

The lies, via The Daily Wire:

1. On Monday night, CNN’s Anderson Cooper lied about a tweet from Donald Trump Jr.


Cooper’s statement was a blatant lie as Trump Jr. never mentioned anything about any hurricane and the article that he shared mocked CNN’s drastic decline in ratings.

2. CNN’s Communications team falsely claimed that CNN Digital is #1 “in all key metrics”

According to statistics from comScore, Fox News beat CNN in total page views and in total minutes spent on the site for the month of August:

Total Page Views:

FOX News Digital – 1,659,000,000 (up 44 percent vs. August 2017) – 1,593,000,000 (up 45 percent vs. August 2017)
CNN Brand – 1,528,000,000 (down 14 percent vs. August 2017) – 1,337,000,000 (down 14 percent vs. August 2017)


3. CNN’s Chris Cillizza lied about Trump remarks on Tuesday

Trump’s actual words?

“I don’t think the FBI should be involved because they don’t want to be involved, if they wanted to be I would certainly do that. As you say, this is not really their thing. The Senators will do a good job.”

Regarding CNN’s decline, per Breitbart:

Last week, CNN dropped a full 41 percent in the daytime TV ratings and fell 36 percent in primetime compared to the same week last year.

AdWeek reports, “CNN ranked No. 6 across basic cable in total prime time viewers, and No. 5 in total day this past week. Despite the top 10 finishes, the network was -36 percent in prime time viewers, and -41 percent in total day viewers vs. the same week last year.”


Not only did CNN see a devastating drop from last year’s ratings, the network was once again bested by its competitors. Fox News came in first place with during the day, while MSNBC came in second.

In basic cable, CNN was in fifth behind ESPN and Nickelodeon. During prime time, CNN slid down to sixth place while ESPN came in first. Fox News, MSNBC, HGTV, and the USA network all defeated CNN.

More from TV Newser:

Basic Cable Top 10 – Total Day (Total Viewers)

Fox News (1,426,000)
MSNBC (1,145,000)
ESPN (1,023,000)
Nickelodeon (833,000)
CNN (789,000)
HGTV (750,000)
Investigation Discovery (706,000)
Hallmark Channel (628,000)
USA (590,000)
History (554,000)


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