Benghazi Hero NOT DONE: Shreds Obama to Pieces for ‘Trying to Rewrite History’ [WATCH]

By now you probably saw the tweet Benghazi survivor Kris “Tonto” Paronto sent Barack Obama’s way.

He did so after the former president declared the attack on a CIA compound in Libya, where four Americans were ambushed and killed, to be a “wild conspiracy theory.”

Here’s the message, in case it was missed:


Paronto was suspended from Twitter for the tweet.

During an interview with Fox & Friends First, Paronto made it crystal clear how he felt about Obama’s words, shredding him to pieces in the process.

From Fox News Insider:

On “Fox & Friends First” on Tuesday, Paronto slammed Obama for being dismissive of the 2012 terror attack on a U.S. diplomatic compound in Benghazi, Libya, which left four Americans dead.

“To hear Obama say that, it’s just another slap in the face,” Paronto said. “It makes all of us tremendously angry, because he’s trying to rewrite history and say that Benghazi didn’t happen.”

Makes sense. Democrats have often been accused of revisionist history if things don’t go their way.

More from Paronto:

He said this just reinforces how important it is for Benghazi survivors and the family members of victims to speak the truth about what happened on September 11, 2012, and in the attack’s aftermath.

Paronto was one of the security contractors who fought to repel terrorists from the besieged American diplomatic compound.

“You had Hillary Clinton say, ‘What difference does it make?’ That was hurtful, that was hurtful to the families. And now you’ve got Barack Obama calling it a ‘conspiracy,'” Paronto said, saying it is “disgraceful and sickening” that they refuse to honor the families of Christopher Stevens, Sean Smith, Tyrone Woods and Glen Doherty.


Because of soldiers and patriots like Paronto, America is the greatest nation on earth. For him to have to tell a former commander-in-chief to cut the nonsense speaks volumes.

Here were Obama’s words, which initially set everything off:







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