After Benghazi Hero RIPS ‘Cowardly’ Obama, Twitter Pulls FASCIST Move & Silences Him

While giving a speech on Friday at the University of Illinois, Barack Obama labeled Benghazi a “wild conspiracy theory.”

Of course, you remember Benghazi as the day four Americans (including a United States ambassador) were murdered when a radical Islamic group stormed a CIA compound.

Their names were Chris Stevens, Ty Woods, Sean Smith, and Glen Doherty.

Kris ‘Tonto’ Paronto, a former Army Ranger and CIA contractor, was one of the men to escape the attack in Benghazi with his life.

Here’s his striking critique of ‘cowardly’ Obama’s words:

Twitter decided Paronto’s tweets were too inflammatory so they pulled the ultimate fascist move and silenced Paronto by suspending his account.

From ‘Tonto:’

He wasn’t finished:


Because certain people disagreed with Paronto’s words, they felt he shouldn’t be allowed to say them. That is called fascism – when one side shuts down the other.

The First Amendment was put in place to protect speech others may not like. That’s the whole point.

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