Face Recognition Used to Grab Your Data from Facebook, Instagram & More

In the beginning, face recognition software was intended to help law enforcement and the intelligence community, but like so many other things created for good, it’s also been used by bad guys for evil purposes.

Claiming that their new face recognition tool (Social Mapper), which is being release this week, will enable law enforcement and security experts to have the same technology the bad guys already have.

Social Mapper allows the user to gather anyone’s information from Facebook, Google+, Instagram, LinkedIn, along with the Chinese websites Weibo and Douban and Russian the Russian site VKontakte.

(Gizmodo) – Security researchers released a tool this week that lets you collect social media profiles of a massive amount of people using face recognition. While that might sound like a terrible idea, the tool’s creators say it will help security professionals by giving them the same tools as the bad guys.

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The tool, Social Mapper, is open-source and can gather someone’s information from LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, and Chinese microblogging sites Weibo and Douban, and Russian social media service VKontakte.

Social Mapper was created by researchers at TrustWave, a security firm that developed the tool predominantly for penetration testing, or an authorized simulated attack intended to test a system’s security. The information gathered isn’t particularly invasive—an amateur internet sleuth can easily find someone’s social media profiles, especially if they have their name and their photo, which is what Social Mapper does—but on a slightly terrifying scale…

If you have anything to hide or don’t want anyone being able to get your information, then not only should you check your privacy settings on any social media site you’re on, but you may want to change your photo from one of you to one of something else, such as your pet, favorite flower, design, scenery, etc. It’s sad that we have to do so much to protect ourselves but that’s what we get for living in a sin-cursed world full of evil people.




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