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The court ordered deadline for reuniting children of illegal aliens who were separated when the families were detained by Border Patrol has been reached. The national news has been filled with the reports and interviews with illegal alien parents.

Yesterday, they interviewed an illegal alien man who was detained less than a month ago. He tried to enter the US with his 10-year-old daughter and although he has been released pending his deportation hearing, he has still not seen his daughter. Naturally, the media played up the story as a human tragedy-type sob story.

The same report also said that in the last month, Border Patrol had detained 5,400 illegal alien families trying to cross the border, and yes, the news reporter managed to make it sound like it was all the fault of President Donald Trump and his zero-tolerance immigration policy. The media and Democrats are using this entire matter just to sway voters before this year’s midterm elections.

So, whose fault is it that these illegal alien children are being separated from their kids?

First, let me ask you one question – Doesn’t every crime carry a consequence?

If you are caught speeding or running a red light, you are issued a citation and depending on where and how fast you were going, you could end up paying a hefty fine or, if not your first traffic ticket, you could have your driver’s license suspended or revoked.

If you are caught driving while under the influence of alcohol or drugs, you could also have your license suspended, your car impounded and, in some locations, you could spend time in jail.

If you steal from your employer and get caught, you would probably be fired and possibly turned over to the police for criminal prosecution. When I was in retail management, we caught a woman shoplifting. She had her two young children with her at the time and had even put some of the stolen items on her kids. We called the police and they charged her with not only the shoplifting but with a charge for involving her children. She was taken to jail and her kids were taken from her and placed in the care of child services. The mother was released on bail, but her kids were not returned to her because she involved them in the crime. She was deemed to be unfit to raise her own kids. Guess what else? She and her kids were American citizens, but no one, except the mom, got upset because her kids were taken away from her.

The bottom line is that if you commit a crime, you should expect to pay the penalty if caught. If you rob a bank, you better be prepared to go to jail for many years, where you will be separated from your kids.

When foreign nationals knowingly cross into the United States illegally, they are violating US immigration laws. If they have their kids with them, they are involving their kids in the commission of their crime, which means that authorities are rightly justified to separate the parents and kids. That is a risk the parents take when violating US laws.

Therefore, there is only one party to blame for separating illegal alien children from their parents. It’s the parents’ fault and no one else’s. It’s not the fault of President Trump and his zero-tolerance policy on illegal immigration. It’s not the fault of Border Patrol who are only trying to enforce US immigration laws and it’s not the fault of ICE officials who are not the ones who are separating the kids although that’s who uneducated liberals are blaming.

Blame the parents and no one else. If they don’t want to be separated from their kids, then they shouldn’t try entering the US illegally. They made the decision to involve their kids in a crime and should be prepared to pay the consequences.



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