Woman Sued for Saving Cop’s Life

If you saw someone in need of help, would you help? What if the someone was injured, say, in an auto accident? Would you stop and render whatever aid you could or would you pass on by for fear of being sued?

At one time in America, we were taught to value and respect others and life and many people would stop and render aid when needed. Over the years, I’ve stopped to render first aid at several auto accidents. On one occasion, an older couple were struck by a car who ran a stop sign. The older woman was severely cut and she was bleeding profusely, I applied pressure and slowed the bleeding until help arrived which wasn’t for about 10 more minutes. Had I not stopped to help, she would have certainly bled to death. I was taught to give aid whenever possible and I still believe that.

Then America became a home to lawsuit happy liberals who see acts of kindness as a way to make money by suing law-abiding good Samaritans and many people no longer help or are rending aid of for fear of being sued.

What if you saw someone being physically attacked or assaulted, would you help or would you worry about being sued?

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What if the person in need of help or being assaulted was a police officer? Would you help then?

That was a decision that an Indiana woman in February 2017.

Local police received a call about a suspicious person along State Route 56 in Ohio County, Indiana. An off-duty conservation officer was not that far away so he responded and found 25-year-old Justin Holland. A scuffle ensued between the officer and Holland.

Kystie Jaehner lived nearby and heard the fight between Holland and the officer. When she approached, she saw Holland trying to grab the officer’s gun, so she fired one shot, striking Holland who died from his wound.

The officer credited Jaehner with saving his life. The Indiana State Police investigated and fully exonerated Jaehner of any wrong doing. All of the information of the incident was also given to the prosecutor’s office who also determined that Jaehner acted appropriately and said no charges would be file against her.

An autopsy found numerous drugs in Holland’s system and it appeared from the news report that he must have had a prior run-in with police as the photo shown on the news was a mug shot.

So far, so good but then Holland’s family decided they would try to make some money over the loss of Justin, they hired a personal injury lawyer that does a lot of advertising on the local television – Blake Maislin.

With Maislin’s help, the officer and Jaehner are being sued for a wrongful death, battery, excessive force and negligence. Maislin stated:

“What we understand is our guy was parked legally in front of someone’s house. It was taken out of context. The off-duty officer engages him and the woman comes out and shoots him.”

“If the officer was truly in harm’s way and he was going to die, she had the right to defend him, but over and over what we have is a story of somebody engaging somebody else and claiming self-defense.”

The lawsuit has angered many of the local police who fully believe that Jaehner acted honorably. The police department and police union will help police with legal fees but they can’t help pay for Jaehner’s defense, so police have established a Go Fund page to help pay for her legal fees.

One of the police coming to the aid of Jaehner is Sgt. Bill Halbig who said the lawsuit is frivolous, commented about what happened, saying:

“It was a life or death situation. When you have someone that is trying to get your gun deadly force is justified.”

“She didn’t ask for it. She came to his aide and ended that deadly situation — which could have been very deadly in my opinion to the conservation officer.”

Appearing on the local news, Sgt. Halbig added:

“All the time, you’re gonna have civilians in the presence of officers and sometimes we need help. We’re only human too. Some people think that we’ve got super powers and it’s just not true.

The importance of this lawsuit was summed up by Sgt. Halbig:

“If she loses, that would definitely set the precedent. Say hey, I’m not gonna, I can’t get involved in this, I’m likely to get sued.”

This shows just how far America has degraded in the past 50 years where we’ve gone from a nation of people who cared and helped to a nation filled with lawsuit happy greedy liberals. They don’t care who they ruin or what the long-term consequences are of their greed, as they care about is money and revenge, not justice.

Now, how would you answer the question of helping someone, especially an officer in need of help?


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