Windows Update Killing Thousands of Computers

When a company gets so big that they don’t care about thousands of people who use their products, something is seriously wrong with that company and at the moment, that’s how I feel about Microsoft.

I know many people have hated Microsoft for years just as many hate MacIntosh but face it, both have become giants and their users are mere ants that can be trampled on without any consequence.

Personally, I prefer a regular PC over an Apple or MacIntosh computer which means that I am one of the millions of ants to be trampled on by Microsoft and yesterday, I got trampled good.

Since I work online every day, conducting a lot of research, I usually take the annoying updates for my computer, since many of them deal with security issues and provide regular fixes to help keep your computer safe from the myriad of viruses floating out there on the internet.

Some of the updates can take a long time and the last one I took was one of those.

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When I closed down for the night, there was an update waiting, so I opted to update and restart. Forty-five minutes later, my laptop was still updating, so I went on to bed. Around 2am, I woke and saw a blue screen (remember the old blue screens of death), well, that’s what it reminded me of.

The screen wanted me to choose the configuration of my keyboard, so I chose US-English. That took me to another blue screen that wanted another option selected. I tried the default option but that only took me back the keyboard configuration and I found it was stuck in a vicious loop.

So, I opted for a choice of just shutting down. When I started my laptop in the morning, it opened straight to the blue screen asking about keyboard configuration. This time, I chose a different option of proceeding with an older version of Windows.


That left me with a black screen, no internet connection, no Windows system, NOTHING. The only thing I could do was shut down using the power button on the laptop as not even the Windows’ icon in the bottom left of the screen did anything.

My wife took to the internet and found out that hundreds of thousands of other Windows users have had the same thing happen with the update. It somehow disables a driver on the computer which basically leaves you helpless.

She found a fix online but it takes someone with some knowledge of programming and dot prompt to move through all of the steps of the fix.

Consequently, my laptop is currently at a computer tech repair center and I am praying that they are able to fix it without losing all of my information. In the meantime, I’m trying to use an older computer which is the reason I had the newer one.

UPDATE: It cost me $170 to get my laptop fixed thanks to this latest Windows update. While the tech was able to get my laptop up and running and all of my files were saves, some of the programs I had installed were gone along with all of the settings I had in my various Office programs.

I understand that most IT people say it’s best to take updates but I want to warn you that there is a HUGE risk at the moment with an update that is killing computers all over the place. It’s not doing it to every computer but with reports of it happening to thousands of computers, one has to wonder why Microsoft continues to send out this dangerous update.

Since we are just little ants to be trampled on, I guess they don’t care.


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