Who Is Paying Stormy Daniels’ Attorney?

Last year, it was revealed that a wealthy supporter of Hillary Clinton had shelled out around $700,000 for women to come forward to make false accusations of sexual misconduct on the part of Donald Trump. That piece of news undermined most of the claims that had been made against Trump during the 2016 campaign.

With this kind of liberal money behind allegations against Trump, one has to wonder who is paying all of the legal fees for Michael Avenatti, Storm Daniels’ attorney?

She let slip in a Twitter response to someone, telling him that she is not paying Avenatti, leaving the question out there of who is paying his overpriced legal fees?

(Patriot Retort) – A few weeks ago, adult film actress Stormy Daniels revealed a little more than she intended.

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Which, I’m guessing is common in her line of work.

But this time, it wasn’t the kind of overexposure Stormy is known for.

Instead, it was information that she probably should’ve kept to herself.

You see, Stormy’s not the one footing the bill for her showboat ambulance-chaser attorney Michael Avenatti.

Chevy [email protected]

26 Apr

Replying to @StormyDaniels

Who f**king cares!!! You’ll be dancing until you’re 60 to pay Avenatti attorney fees

Stormy Daniels


Except I’m not paying him. Haha!

10:47 AM – Apr 26, 2018

Naturally, some speculated that Avenatti is being funded by the same cabal of billionaire Leftists who are funding pretty much all of the so-called ResistanceLOL

Avenatti has a history of failed attempts to take legal action against Donald Trump before Trump ever let it be known he was going to run for President. Is Avenatti representing Daniels pro bono just for the publicity or is some wealthy Democrat or anti-Trump group paying his legal fees to represent Daniels in hopes that it could possibly lead to Trump’s impeachment and removal from office?




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