War Crimes Charge Proves United Nations Anti-Semitic Desire to Destroy Israel

Earlier this week, the United States officially opened up our new Embassy in Jerusalem. The action not only brought condemnation by Democrats in Congress but also brought thousands of Palestinian protesters to the border along the Gaza Strip. They burned tires, burled rocks and stones and other items at Israeli forces on the Jewish side of the border. When the protests got out of control, Israeli soldiers opened fire on the protesters, killing about 60 and wounding many others.

The United Nations, which has become a pro-Muslim, anti-Israeli, socialist organization voted to bring a resolution forward to seek war crimes against Israel and to guarantee protection for future protesters.

(UPI) – The United Nations said Friday it will begin a war crimes investigation into the killings of dozens of Palestinians by Israeli soldiers at mass demonstrations in Gaza this week.

In a 29-2 vote, with 14 abstentions, the U.N. High Commissioner for Refugees agreed on a resolution to send a commission of inquiry to “provide recommendations to protect civilians against further assaults” in Gaza.

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Australia and the United States voted against the recommendation, and Germany and Britain were among the abstentions.

The resolution calls for an “independent, international commission to inquiry” to be organized and produce a final report by next March.

Israeli military forces used live ammunition to subdue a demonstration Monday by about 10,000 protesters on Israel’s independence day, regarded as “Nakba Day” or day of catastrophe by Palestinians…

What the United Nations and most of the liberal world forget is that Jerusalem was the capital of Israel centuries before Muhammed and the rise of Islam. Israel has more historic rite to the city than anyone else and since they conquered the territory, it rightly belongs to them. The actions of the United Nations are not about peace but about helping Islamic nations destroy the nation of Israel.




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