US Navy Reviving Cold War Fleet Status Due to Russian Aggression

After World War II ended in 1945, the relations between the United States and the Soviet Union resulted in what was known as the Cold War. Hostilities between the world’s two super-powers continued until 1990 when the Soviet Union collapsed, which resulted with the Russia we now know.

Under the 8 years of Barack Obama bowing to Vladimir Putin’s every whim, a Cold War era relationship between Russia and the United States has grown more apparent since Donald Trump took office in January 2017.

After Obama spent 8 years trying to dismantle America’s military might, the Trump administration has been actively rebuilding the military and today, a Cold War era Atlantic fleet is being revived.

(Fortune) – The U.S. Navy announced Friday that it will revive the Second Fleet, a command structure that was disbanded in 2011 as a cost-cutting measure. The revived fleet will be headquartered in Norfolk, Virginia, and will be responsible for Naval operations in the northern Atlantic and the eastern coast of the U.S. Details of its size and leadership structure have not been announced, but its primary purpose is clear – to counter a growing threat from Russia.

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Admiral John Richardson, Chief of Naval Operations, explained the decision as part of recent U.S. strategic shifts, saying that “we’re back in an era of great power competition.” In its 2018 strategy plan, the Department of Defense stated, fairly remarkably, that “inter-state strategic competition, not terrorism, is now the primary concern in U.S. national security.” The plan highlighted Russia’s increasing aggression, including a desire “to shatter the North Atlantic Treaty Organization,” as a primary concern…

The apparent hostility between Russia and the United States that has been renewed with the election of Donald Trump has got cause some in Washington DC with some degree of intelligence to realize that Trump was NOT the person Russia wanted in the White House. They had already wheeled and dealed with Hillary Clinton, not Trump.




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