Trump says Obama Spying During Campaign Bigger than Watergate

On June 17, 1972, five men associated with President Richard Nixon broke into the Democratic National Headquarters housed in the Watergate hotel and office in Washington DC. The men were caught and the subsequent investigation led to one of the nation’s worst coverup scandals in history. The five men were sent to prison and Nixon resigned in disgrace just before he was about to be charged, tried and convicted.

Amidst more revelations involving the Obama administration’s spying on the Trump campaign in Trump Tower, President Donald Trump said that the implications make what the Obama administration did was ‘bigger than Watergate’. This came after it was learned that Obama had planted a spy within the Trump campaign.

( – Abuses of power are not at all uncommon in Washington D.C.  In fact, a great many Americans have simply acquiesced to the fact that we may never completely drain the swamp, and are living their lives accordingly.

The idealism of a perfect American Dream has been metered and mitigated in our daily lives.  We simply assume that the corrupt “powers that be” will give us only what we need to remain docile in the face of their rampant, subtle oppression.

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“The peasants are growing restless, eh?  Give them legalized sports gambling.  Maybe sprinkle in some legal weed.  That ought to keep them in line”.

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What many of us have forgotten, (or never realized), is that things like marijuana and gambling should never have been illegal in the first place…

Unfortunately, President Gerald Ford pardoned Richard Nixon so he never faced any actual criminal charges for his involvement in the Watergate coverup and scandal and if President Donald Trump does the right thing, he will NOT pardon Barack Obama or any of those involved in the Trump Tower spying scandal.




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