Trump Proposes Moving Planned Parenthood Funding to Non-Abortion Clinics Only

One of the main argument used by Planned Parenthood to justify their receiving over $500 million of taxpayer money every year is that they provide many other healthcare services to thousands of women. Knowing that the courts have previously blocked efforts to totally defund Planned Parenthood, President Donald Trump has filed a request to shift that funding to women’s health facilities that do not provide abortion services. If a Planned Parenthood facility qualifies, they could still get funding but this move would assure that all of the taxpayer money goes to actual women’s health needs and not for the first-degree murder of thousands of unborn children.

(Washington Examine) – The Trump administration is filing a request Friday to block facilities from receiving federal dollars for family planning if they are housed in the same facility as a clinic that provides abortions.

One of the main intents of the proposal is to shift federal funds from Planned Parenthood, an avowed foe of Republican and the Trump administration, and instead to community and rural health centers, or otherwise pressure Planned Parenthood to no longer provide abortions.

The $286 million in funds, known as Title X, would also be cut from clinics or programs that support abortion or refer patients to where they can get one for the purpose of family planning, rather than in cases where a pregnancy would endanger women’s lives or health, or when it’s the result of rape or incest.

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The proposal is likely to be challenged in court. Planned Parenthood blasted the administration for its actions, which it had been anticipating and fighting against with Democrats in Congress

Yes, Democrats, who work so hard to protect convicted felons from the death penalty, illegal aliens including violent MS-13 gang members, will be spending tens of thousands of donation dollars trying to fight for the right to murder babies. These same Democrats fight to save forests, hummingbirds, tiny darter fish and owls but when it comes to human life, they will do almost anything to keep butchering innocent children.





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