Trump Orders Strict Enforcement of Immigration Laws

In 2016, presidential candidate Donald Trump promised to enforce US immigration laws, something that Barack Obama refused to do.

Technically, Obama could face charges for assuming dictatorial authority in deciding what federal laws would and would not be enforced. Once Congress passed the laws, only Congress or a federal court could change the laws, not the president. Obama had no legal authority to make the determination of not fully enforcing federal immigration laws. Consequently, the population of illegal aliens in America swelled to around 15 million to 20 million but then Obama saw them as Democratic voters which was more important to him than protecting America and the American people.

Trump promised to enforce federal immigration laws, build a border wall and secure the border. He has met stiff opposition to the funding and construction of the border wall and I still contend that he could get the wall built for half of the projected cost by having the construction units in the US military build it. These highly skilled men and women are already being paid for being in the military, so using them would eliminate most of the labor cost of the wall, which is usually one of the largest pieces of total cost. After all, why not have our military building a wall to secure and defend America instead of rebuilding roads buildings and infrastructure in the Middle East that have been destroyed in the ongoing wars against terrorists and between internal factions?

As for the enforcement of federal immigration laws, earlier this week, US Attorney General Jeff Sessions and Thomas Homan, Head of US Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) traveled to the US border just south of San Diego to announce the strict enforcement of immigration laws.

It appears the location of the announcement was chosen due to the caravan of immigrants sitting on the Mexican side of the border, hoping to find a way to enter the US. Many are claiming asylum but interviews with some of the caravan members have revealed that they really are not seeking asylum but just want to get into the US to earn money to send home to their families.

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The new crack down on immigration laws was described as:

“The new policy, which is significantly stricter than that of the Obama administration, is that any and all illegal immigrants caught crossing the border illicitly will be charged with illegally entering the country, and parents who bring children across with them could face additional charges of human smuggling. The parents will also be detained — separate from their children — while awaiting a hearing on the charges.”

“Previously, individuals caught crossing the border were given a deportation hearing date in civil court and released, upon which they typically disappeared into the country and rarely showed up for their court date to eventually be deported. But that has now changed.”

In the announcement of the strict enforcement of the immigration laws by Sessions, he said that they want the whole world to know that the US border with Mexico is no longer open and warned that anyone trying to gain illegal access will be arrested, detained and deported.

It’s about time America had a president who defended our homeland and enforced our laws as they were written, passed by Congress and signed into law.



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