Skeptics Right – Summit with North Korea Cancelled

For the past year and half, North Korea starved its people in order to help develop nuclear weapons and intercontinental missiles to carry them across the Pacific Ocean to the United States. North Korea’s scientists worked long hours every day to meet the demands of their immature tyrannical dictator Kim Jong-un.

Most of the civilized world condemned North Korea, but Kim didn’t care. He wanted his nuclear weapons, so he could play with the big boys of the world.

The United Nations placed a number of sanctions on North Korea, but Kim ignored them and continued to conduct one test after another.

The United States also imposed heavy sanctions against North Korea and any nation trading certain items with North Korea, but it appeared that Kim was ignoring them.

During all of this, Kim continued to make threats against the United States and our allies in the region – namely Japan, Philippines and South Korea. He even launched a couple of test missiles over Japan in a blatant act of hostility. It appeared that he was hoping to provoke a response from Japan or the United States.

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President Trump kept a strong stand and continually warned North Korea that any aggression on their part would result in the quick destruction of the Hermit Kingdom. Many Democrats and media liberals worried that Trump’s strong stand would result in a devastating war with North Korea and possibly other nations. (You have to remember that they were used to Obama’s rolling over and giving enemy nations whatever they wanted.)

Then, Kim shocked the world when he suddenly approached South Korea with a gesture of peace. He allowed the North Korean athletes to compete with the South Korean athletes at the Winter Olympics.

Then came the biggest surprise of all when it was announced that North Korea wanted to talk peace with the United States and offered to denuclearize.

Many skeptics, including myself, believed the peace talks between Kim and Trump would probably never take place and that Kim would never agree to actually denuclearize his nation. After all, he worked too hard at a huge economic impact to develop his nuclear weapons, why would he honestly turn right around and get rid of them? Additionally, one has to remember that North Korea has made similar promises in the past and ALWAYS went back on their word, so why should anyone expect anything different this time?

The meeting time and place between Kim and Trump was set, but as the time grew nearer, the summit meeting has been cancelled, as many of us predicted it would.

I, like many others, predicted that Kim would find a way to prevent the summit meeting from taking place and then blame the cancellation on the United States and President Trump. That seems to be exactly what has happened and the media is already blaming Trump.

For the past month, Kim has been saying that he would NOT agree to a total denuclearization, meaning he would disassemble his test facility (after much of it had already collapsed) but that he would NOT get rid of his nuclear weapons or missiles.

Then Kim has been sounding more hostile over the past couple of weeks, especially after his last meeting with China, prompting Trump to announced yesterday that the peace summit with Kim has been officially cancelled.

Trump explained:

“Based on the tremendous anger and open hostility displayed in your most recent statement, I feel it is inappropriate, at this time, to have this long-planned meeting. Therefore, please let this letter serve to represent that the Singapore summit, for the good of both parties, but to the detriment of the world, will not take place.”

Yep, just as many of us predicted, Kim would change his tone and cause the meeting to be cancelled and so it has. If nothing else, Kim is once again proven that he cannot be trusted and that he is trying to continue to provoke the United States into come kind of action.

What happens next? That largely depends on Kim and what kind of tantrum he throws next.



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